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  • Mission Statement

    Why Choose CDI?

    We set high standards because we know our students can meet them. Students complete our vocational nurse programs with confidence that they are prepared to handle the demands of the job and keep achieving even more.

    We’re proud to be one of the only nursing schools in Los Angeles that:
    • Earned 100% NCLEX pass rate for 5 years in a row
    • Has full accreditation with the BVNPT, ABHES, CDPH and BPPE
    • Is licensed with Bureau of Secondary Education
    • Offers free tutoring and NCLEX prep
    • Job placement assistance after course completion
    • Has provided top quality nursing programs since 1998
    • Earned Awards for Outstanding Performance 15 years straight

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    LVN Program

    Here at Career Development Institute, Inc. (CDI), we make sure our licensed vocational nursing students graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful nursing professionals. In our accelerated program, students graduate in just 13 months. Our accredited nursing school has been continuously considered one of the best in Los Angeles.

    We tailor our students’ academic experience by offering:
    • Small LVN class sizes
    • Free tutoring services
    • Valuable one-on-one attention
    • Interactive clinicals
    • NCLEX test prep

    From enrollment to graduation, our caring and knowledgeable staff is here to help students successfully complete their academic and career goals. We are here for our students and encourage them to come to us for questions, concerns, support and council.

    Through a combination of classroom instruction, simulation skills lab training and hands-on clinical experience in Los Angeles, LVN students develop a solid foundation and understanding of the medical industry. Critical nursing course material is reviewed and revisited throughout the LVN program, helping students fully absorb and internalize key information.

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    From enrollment through graduation, our caring and knowledgeable staff is here to help students successfully complete their academic and career goals in California. Find out how to become an LVN! Get personal assistance by contacting us today.

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See what our Graduates have to say!
  • Testimonial
    Diego C., CDI Graduate

    "My favorite experience at CDI was everything. I think I had a great time there, it was hard times too but I think CDI, everything was good about it, from studying, from taking tests, from being with the students. I just felt really at home. Everything was perfect there, from the bottom of my heart it was like a family there."

  • Testimonial
    Wendy G., LVN

    "CDI is the best! Anything I needed throughout the program, they were always there to help, including prepping for the NCLEX exam. I’m excited to say that I passed the exam with confidence, thanks to CDI."

  • Testimonial
    Monisha F., CDI Graduate

    "If you commit yourself and you really follow everything the instructors say, you can pass. You can definitely do it because I have four kids and a husband and I did it, so they can do it."

  • Testimonial
    Stephanie J., LVN

    "I had been working in the medical field for more than 20 years while putting my sons through college. Once they finished their education, it was time to turn the attention back on me and do what I wanted to do. That was nursing."

  • Testimonial
    Angela L.,

    "I did my research because I wanted the education I deserve. A quality education is very important to me because I’m investing my time and my money. When I began researching, I looked at the schools with the highest NCLEX-PN passing rates because that was very important for my decision. I narrowed the list and did my homework. That’s when I found CDI."

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LVN schools don’t get better than CDI. Our campus has a lot to offer to students no matter what level of experience they have. Feel free to call us or book a visit.

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