5 Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Favorite Nurse

Is there a nurse in your life who has made a huge impact on you? Whether you have a nurse in your family who shows up every day for you and their patients, or if you are one of those patients who wants to share some extra love with a nurse who helped you survive […]

From Nurse to Member of Congress


It’s easy to get swept up in the idea of what could come with a nursing degree and a nursing career. Where will it take you? How can you serve and improve your community? We thought we’d take a look at professionals who decided to follow the call and run for office. It takes a […]

5 Books About Nursing by Nurses

Care and Vocational Nurses

When it comes to the nursing profession, who better to talk about it than actual nurses? There are quite a few informative, inspiring, and entertaining non-fiction books by experienced nurses for you to choose from, so we narrowed down the list to our favorite five. I Wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out: True […]

Checklist: Must-Have Supplies for New Nursing Students

LVN School CDI Photo

Congratulations on taking the next step in your career! It took you months to complete all those applications for your LVN program in California, apply for financial and, and make your final selection for a nursing school. Here you are, ready to start, and you probably have some questions about what supplies you’ll need for […]

Nursing Specialties: Palliative Care for Alzheimer’s Patients

Nursing Specialties: Palliative Care for Alzheimer’s Patients

Many prospective LVN students and new nursing professionals will find many job opportunities for different types of specialties. Palliative care for memory-affected patients is an important and growing area in healthcare. Nurses in this field work with patients who need quite a bit of hands-on care, and often help families and loved ones through a […]

Keeping Cool: 5 Ways Nurses Deal with Tough Patients

Tough Patients

Every nurse will tell you that relationship management is as important to the job, if not more so, as the vast medical knowledge that every career nurse has in their arsenal. Nurses face all types of challenges in dealing with patients both in and out of a hospital environment. Whether you are a career nurse […]

Breaking Down Nursing Team Roles

When you enter the healthcare and nursing fields, you will be working within a team at a hospital or a medical office. To help new nurses and students understand where they will probably be slotted as a new staffer, we broke down the various team roles to give you a point of reference as you […]

Our Favorite National Nurses Week 2018 Stories

hese are off-duty nurses who, faced with a crisis, jumped into professional mode and did what they do, quite literally, all the time.

Our Favorite National Nurses Week 2018 Stories If you’re unfamiliar with the week that recognizes the uniformly remarkable contributions that nurses make to our society and our culture: it all started in 1954 in recognition, and on the 100th anniversary, of Florence Nightingale’s historic trip to Crimea during a brutal and deadly war. Every year, […]

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Nurse

Saving lives. Earning a competitive salary. Stable and flexible employment. Engaging with people in meaningful and rewarding ways. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s called being a nurse.

If you’ve just started looking into becoming a nurse or signing up for an LVN program in California, we put together a list of what we think are the most compelling and common sense reasons to take the plunge. The reality is that nursing is a very much in-demand profession with a lot of room […]

Advice for New Nurses

Learn How to Work with Patients

The real growth curve for any new nurse starts the minute he or she graduates from nursing school and clocks in for that first shift. While your LVN or RN program provides you ample clinical hours: there’s nothing quite like the shock and thrill of your first professional nursing job. The initial months are going […]