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CDI Job Placement FAQs

How quickly does a new student start working on job placement at CDI?

  • As soon as a student enrolls, our job developer meets with him or her to understand their career goals upon completing the LVN Program. Together, we define and determine a student’s overall objectives. The job developer and student meet regularly to review these goals throughout the duration of the program to ensure each student remains motivated to achieve their long-term career goals.

How often does a student meet with the Job Developer during the program?

  • Informal and frequent meetings occur throughout the program to help students maintain their focus and clarity of career objectives. More formalized meetings are scheduled near graduation time to create and review a new resume, prepare and practice for the job interview, and provide updated job lead opportunities.

What percentage of students are immediately placed into a position after graduation and certification?

  • Approximately 85% of our licensed graduates are employed as LVN’s shortly after receiving their licensure.

How long does CDI continue to work with a graduate after completion of the program to help them with job placement?

  • We offer ongoing job placement assistance, as well as resume review and update services for several years after graduation. Students are encouraged to stay in touch with us for all of their career services needs after they receive their degrees.

How does the staff help decide what type of facility is best suited for a student?

  • Our Clinical Instructors and Director of Nursing share and provide insight into the strengths of our students and help guide them to the type of facility where they have the best opportunity for success in starting out as a new nurse.

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