The Myth of LVN Programs Online

Looking for LVN classes online? Due to the nature of the course you won’t find accredited LVN and LPN classes online. Online LVN programs in California are non-existent because earning a license requires many hours of clinical work.

Any organization that’s claiming to have LPN programs online may offer a few courses remotely, but there’s no way to complete a program and become a licensed vocational nurse. There are follow-up online LPN programs for those who want to become a registered nurse, however, you must already be an LVN to enroll.

The Benefits of CDI LVN Classes Over Online LPN Programs

Online courses are convenient, but there’s no way to get adequate nursing instruction from home. For a hands-on career like vocational nursing nothing can take the place of instruction alongside seasoned nurses and training in a real-world clinical setting.

We’ve designed our award-winning LVN program to offer an exemplary education while still working with our students’ busy schedules. Enrolling in CDI LVN classes comes with benefits that you won’t get by taking online courses.

  • Nationally accredited school with federal and private financial aid options.
  • Personal one-on-one attention with knowledgeable faculty and staff.
  • Classes are just six hours a day giving students the ability to work while enrolled in the program.
  • Clinics are just eight hours a day.
  • Couse completion in just 13 months.
  • Preparation for passing the NCLEX.
  • Free tutoring services
  • Experience handling tools and equipment.
  • Face time with instructors that can further your career.
  • Connect with other students that will become your professional peers.

When you enroll at CDI you know you are getting a quality education that will prepare you to begin your career as a nurse. You will also be in the position to begin an LPN to RN bridge program.

Start working as an LVN while you work on becoming an RN. Enroll in CDI LVN classes today!


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