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If you’re still looking for an LVN program in California, we hope you’ll spend some time reading about why we were named the #1 nursing school in the state. We could list our many accomplishments and the overall strength of our program, but it’s really our students that make our LVN school special. So: we asked some CDI graduates about their experiences and collected some of their testimonials.  We thought this would be the most helpful as you continue your journey towards becoming a nurse.

From Josh C

“My experience at CDI was great. It was a little intimidating at first, because I did transfer from a different school and I believe that CDI had higher standards. But they welcomed me like I was part of the family as soon as I walked in through the doors.”

“…At CDI you’re treated like more than just a student. I felt like it’s a little, a small family. And when you’re in there, they want you to learn. They’re teaching you and they want you to pass. Whereas other schools they would, I feel like they’re just…I don’t know if that’s appropriate to say. I felt like they’re just there for the money. And with CDI I never felt that way. I felt like, I was always welcomed with smiles, and good mornings, and good afternoons.”  

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From Diego C

“I did check around to other schools, actually one of my sister’s friends recommended me for this school because it was full-time and it was 13 months. When I came here the interview with Janice, she was really nice and she showed me a tour of the school and I really liked it, I felt at home. I had already checked different schools and I didn’t really feel it but when I saw the school I liked it a lot. Even though it was far from my home, I told myself, “I can come here every day for a year.” I could be here every single day and not only that, the package course were really good here. You could tell all the teachers here, they’re amazing, they’re really smart and knowledgeable and they know their stuff really well. I’ve been to different schools and college and it doesn’t matter if you’re in college or a private school or LVN school, whatever. I think LaDonne and all the instructors here are really great.”

“If you have any doubts at the beginning, don’t worry about it. Once you start the program you’ll see that it’s worth it because the management is really well managed from top to bottom. Everybody makes you want to be part of this school. You’re not just a number or trying to bring money to the school but everybody treats you like you’re family and if you want to come to this school, by all means, enroll. At first, I didn’t want to come because it’s far from where I live but when I saw how they teach and how they have their structure going on, it’s perfect, I like it. So yeah, I would definitely recommend it to my own family.”  

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From Wendy G:

“CDI is the best! I received my CNA license from CDI when I was just 16. I had a very positive experience, so I came back four years later for the VN program. Anything I needed throughout the program, they were always there to help, including prepping for the NCLEX exam. I’m excited to say that I passed the exam with confidence, thanks to CDI.  The best thing about CDI is that they are here to help 24/7. They were always available when I needed them.

“To me, CDI is one of the best schools for LVN there is. I’m so glad I made my choice to attend here. I always recommend it to my friends and family. There’s a lot of reading and studying, so make sure you keep up. Prepare for your tests. Study and read a lot. It’s not easy, but you can do it if you put in 100 percent.

I would tell all the current students, if I can do it, you can do it. I was a single parent working full-time. I had to put my time in, study and do all the reading. Make sure you don’t fall behind. Stay focused. Study. Read. Do the assignments and work they give you.”

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From Monisha F:

My favorite facility was probably LA Community Hospital because we got to see a lot of the ICU patients. And even though we’ve been at the facilities and nursing homes and the hospitals, it was my first time seeing someone actually go home. Like I have seen people in the hospital and we kinda leave after six weeks and they are still there, but it was like it gave me this new feeling when I saw one of my patients who I took care for maybe three weeks, when they discharged him, it was like an unbelievable feeling to see him walk out the door.”

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From Fabiola M:

“Originally, my plan was to become a doctor. But then I started thinking that I actually liked being more involved with the patient. So I decided to go to nursing, and I went and found CDI because my father actually saw the school when he was passing by there. And that’s how I went and went in there, and how they talked about nursing and all the instructors, it made me want to pursue nursing even more. So that’s why I attended there. And for me, LVN isn’t my only…where I’m going to stop at. I want to go into RN and then, hopefully, nurse practitioner.”

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From Carla T:

CDI provided that personal attention I was looking for. They let it be known that they are always there to help. CDI is always rooting for you. You can see it in their faces and in their smiles.  Having worked with my mother for more than 25 years in the family hair salon, I really related to the mother-daughter dynamic of CDI, and actually, found it very endearing. I found myself inspired by Janis’ strength and independence, her desire to help students.”

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