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Deciding on a nursing school in Los Angeles is a choice that will impact the rest of your career. Before you register as a new student, it’s important to understand all the steps an institution needs to take to ensure that you will have a job at the end of your certification process. Please see some guidelines below to help inform how to make your final decision.

  1. Solid History of Job Placement with Regional Hospitals and Health Centers

Before you sign on the line, have a conversation with a job counselor to learn more about the institution’s relationships with regional hospitals and healthcare facilities. Any nursing school in Los Angeles should be willing and prepared to provide documentation that they have strong ties in the industry. Questions regarding an ongoing history of placing graduates in entry level positions is an excellent way to open up that discussion. A good nursing school should also be equipped to have potential employers meet directly with students on campus to prepare graduates for the job search they’ll face upon graduation, as well as discussing job opportunities.

  1. Strong Emphasis on Career Development

The moment you step onto campus as a student, your relationship with the career development staff should begin. Make sure a career advisor will be there to help guide and define your objectives as you complete your program. Ask about resume building, job leads and what type of formalized meeting process you can look forward to as you near graduation. If you’re going to invest in a nursing degree, you want to make sure that your institution invests just as much in you.

  1. High Percentage of Job Placement

While you’re interviewing, make sure to ask about the job placement percentage. Look for schools that have a placement rate of at least 80 percent or more before you start applying. Find out if the school’s resources will be available to you after you graduate and get licensed even if you don’t get a job right away. You may need help updating your resume or getting advice down the line. A good nursing school in Los Angeles should allow you to reach out any time after you complete the program for all types of career support.

  1. Tutoring and NCLEX Preparation

High pass rates for NCLEX-PN are equally as important as job placement rates. Free tutoring services and small class sizes make sure that you get the crucial attention and help you need, especially if you enroll in an LVN school with an accelerated program. When you’re doing your research, ask about the overall pass rates for outgoing students and what kind of support the school provides if a student needs to retake his or her exam.

  1. Help with Identifying and Defining Your Strengths

Have a long talk with the admission staff about your personal goals and how the counselors and career developers will help guide your job search. Your LVN school should help you define your strengths and guide you to the type of facilities where you will enjoy the most success as a nurse.

As you continue to research the right program for your nursing degree, you are likely to uncover more and more questions. We’d love the opportunity to be your resource to help you narrow down your decision. Call us anytime at 310-559-0225 or contact us via email and we’re happy to be here to support you, no matter what decision you make.


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