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Nathaly B., CDI Graduate

CDI Interviewer: So how was your experience at CDI?  

Nathaly: “It was great. I really, really enjoyed it. I loved it. I really…it was a little challenging, it was actually challenging at the end, especially in the ATI, with the ATI, but I really loved that fact that I was able to go and look for help and the help was received, I guess, and especially Jennifer. Jennifer was the one that helped me out. She tutored me and I was able to overcome because I felt like I was stuck for a little bit, but she helped me and then I felt relief, that I was able to do it.”

CDI Interviewer: What was your favorite experience at CDI?

Nathaly: “My favorite experience at CDI was the fact that I was allowed to put my hands on. Because prior to this I was never able to or I never had experience doing medical things or like work one to one with patients. So my favorite thing was to be able to work with patients and, like I said, put my hands on. The medical feel, I guess, I don’t know, as a nurse.”

CDI Interviewer: What was the toughest part of the LVN program? 

Nathaly: “My toughest part, I would say, the ATI. The ATI questions were challenging, but with the help, tutoring, I was able to pass.”

CDI Interviewer: How did it feel when you got past the ATIs and did your finals and passed all those? 

Nathaly: “I felt relief. I felt relief and proud of myself, but happy, and I can’t wait to actually start working as a nurse.”

CDI Interviewer: Did you feel like you were prepared for those finals, those ATIs?
Nathaly: “Yes. Well, after the…you know, with all of the material that they provide, yes, I felt that I was prepared to take the ATI.”

CDI Interviewer: Why did you want to become an LVN in the first place? 
Nathaly: “I’ve always had…I wanted to become an LVN because I’ve always had that thing in me, I guess, I don’t know, to become a nurse, to help people. And I don’t know, I always see myself as a nurse, even though I kind of took…because I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology so I kind of deviated myself, but I should have started earlier. And my way to become an RN, it’s the open doors, I guess. Okay, I gotta start right now.  It’s to become an LVN, to be an LVN first, and, you know, head for a…shoot for…to be an RN.”

CDI Interviewer: That’s good. And why CDI? Why did you choose this school? 

Nathaly: “I chose CDI because I made my research and I looked through… Well, I went online and then, you know, I went on the nursing…what is it called, the board of nursing, and CDI was there. And you know, I compared schools and CDI was the best, best one. It had…what is it, 100% passing rate for the NCLEX. And not only that, but it had good reviews.”

CDI Interviewer: Good. Would you recommend the LVN program to your friends or family? 

Nathaly: “Yes, I would recommend the LVN program to anybody that’s looking in to become a nurse. And I would definitely recommend… I wish it would be kind of like a requirement to become an LVN before an RN because it’s…I don’t know, we’ll say, like a stepping stone or like the big door to…”

CDI Interviewer: Do you feel like you’ll be a better RN because you started as an LVN?

Nathaly: “Yes, yes, I feel like I’m gonna be a better RN because I have a background, as opposed to just going straight to RN, not having any background or having any experience, you know, working with patients.”

CDI Interviewer: Now that you’ve had all this experience and you’ve been through the program, what do you want to say to new students? 

Nathaly: “I want to say to the new students that it is hard, but if you have the true calling to become a nurse, it’s not impossible. And just work hard and study. Study, study, study, and that’s it.”

CDI Interviewer: Anything else? 

Nathaly: “No. Well, I guess, I do feel…at the end I’m thankful and I appreciate all the help that I received from CDI staff. They were always there for me anytime I had a problem, like I said, with the ATI questions. I felt like I was stuck, but they helped me out a lot.”

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