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Yodit G., LVN

Why did you want to become an LVN?

“Nursing goes along with my personality and who I am as a person. I’ve always been the nurturing one in my family and the go-to for advice, so it’s a part of who I am.

I also find stability in nursing. My friends graduated from various colleges with degrees they are not using post graduation. Nursing is a career that will always be relevant and in demand. I feel secure with my nursing license.”

Why did you choose Career Development Institute, Inc. (CDI)?

“In 2009, I received my CNA license at CDI. My aunt was my classmate. She spoke little English, and Janis (CDI President and Founder) was really helpful. She’d stay late, well after class hours, to help my aunt understand and learn the material. Seeing Janis help my aunt like that made me confident that they would help me when I continued my education.”

What is your favorite aspect of CDI?

“I really liked that our class was a small group. There was a family dynamic between us, and we all became very close with each other. We’d get together for study groups and help each other learn the information.

Also, Jennifer (Director of Education) and Janis (CDI President and Founder) were always there to help. The experience is very personal. They know you at CDI. They remember birthdays and bring in cupcakes or ice cream to celebrate. You’re not just another number. They made us feel part of the family.”

How did you feel once you passed the NCLEX-PN?

“Of course I was nervous when I was taking the exam, but that was just the normal test-taking nerves. I was confident I would do well because we were so well-prepared. If you do what CDI says and listen to them, you are going to do well. We took practice exams during the NCLEX-PN review course, which really helped prepare us.”

What was the most difficult part of the Vocational Nursing (VN) Program?

“The time commitment. To be successful, you have to put your time into studying and be dedicated to learning the material. I became famous at Starbucks because I’d go there to study in the mornings and afternoons.”

What would you tell prospective students interested in the VN Program?

“Don’t be scared. It looks a lot harder from the outside. Once you’re in the program, it gets easier. Take school seriously. Take the exams seriously. And once you graduate, you will be surprised to see very similar questions that you had in class exams on your pre-employment exams when being considered for a position. Don’t memorize the information, learn it.”

What would you tell current students in the VN Program?

“Be positive and always stay positive. Trust in the program and in the process. Take notes and listen. Take the practice exams seriously because they prepare you. Again, don’t memorize the information, learn it. Trust what they are telling you to focus on. They’ll guide you to success.”

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