5 Nursing Student Heroes

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We Celebrate Amazing Nurses at CDI

Every day around the world, we read stories about heroic nurses who save lives everywhere they go: on airplanes, at grocery stores, on public transportation. Aspiring nurse heroes deserve just as much recognition. We found these stories to be truly inspirational. We hope you do, too.

Way to Go, Judy!

When nursing student Judy Rosenrance saw an 85-year-old man in distress in a Pennsylvania grocery store parking lot: her new training kicked in. She immediately started performing CPR until paramedics arrived. Judy’s actions saved the man’s life, and he was able to reach out after his brief hospitalization to thank her. We’d like to join him. Thank you, Judy!!!

Keep Singing, Brittany

As nursing student Brittany McArthur was making her rounds, she encountered an elderly woman, Nellie Barr, who had been a patient in her hospital for about a week. This patient was in severe pain, and McArthur wanted to make her feel comfortable. So Brittany broke into song. She found out that Amazing Grace was Ms. Barr’s favorite songs and they sang it together, with Barr’s grandson capturing the moment on his phone.

McArthur stated to a local news outlet, “Nursing isn’t just about the clinical care, it’s about caring for the whole person. It is more than just medicine. I want to make a difference and if I can make someone smile even for 10 minutes then that’s fine by me.”

Kathleen Ward’s Students Deliver Care to the Developing World

Associate nursing professor Kathleen Ward does more than teach practical nursing at Fort Hays State University. Every year, she and 10 of her students travel to the Dominican Republic to deliver vital healthcare to those in need. Her students do more than save lives, which they do plenty of while they’re in the DR. They also educate women about how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and other life-saving healthcare advice. For Ward and all her students, we have only one word: bravo!

Melinda Kassandra Lopez: High School Graduate, Licensed Nurse

When Melinda received her high school diploma, she did far more than most students her age. She also finished an associate’s degree in nursing. While enrolled as a full-time high school student, she was also earning a nursing degree at her local community college. She is the first student in her high school’s history to finish high school with a nursing degree from the local college, and she may also be the first in the history of the state.

Igho Ekakitie: A Hero by any Definition

Life hasn’t been easy for Mr. Ekakitie, whose mother died young in Nigeria from severe intestinal health issues. His way of recovering from her loss? To fulfill her dream of his getting an education in the U.S. He just graduated with an associate’s degree in nursing in pursuit of a BSN. He will take this education back to his native home to practice medicine. “I want to get my LPN, my RN and go back home to help people,” he told the Springfield News Leader in his adopted home of Missouri. Thank you, Igho. The future is in good hands if it looks anything like you.

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