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CDI Testimonial

Stephanee M.

Attending CDI was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I started the VN program March of 2021 and by July 2022 I was a Licensed Nurse. All the instructors are great! I learned so much from my instructors, peers and at clinicals. I had the confidence and knowledge I needed to pass my NCLEXPN on the first try. Kimberly Cooper (DON) was such a big support in motivating me to be my best. I appreciate all the love and encouragement from instructors, administration, my peers and the wonderful facilities we attended during clinicals. CDI was not just a school, but what I now consider Family. Highly recommended and well worth the experience. Thank you, CDI, for making great nurses and dreams come true

CDI Testimonial


So very thankful for my experience at this school.  Like every school it has its up and downs but hands down more ups for sure.

I went through so much while in school to become a Vocational Nurse and I can honestly say that because my program was part time it made things a lot easier.

The owner Janis Newton and her daughter Jennifer Miller were amazing and super hands on with me. In financial aid I had Tina.

I can honestly say the absolute best part of my experience were the instructors I had; Oscar Lamas, and Adina Hart were two of my favorite. I had Oscar for both clinical instruction and in the classroom. He truly made things make since and made the connections in my head come together.

Adina pushed me to do things outside of my comfort zone when it came to clinicals. I can honestly say she had the ability to look at her students and find their strength and weaknesses and push them to do better.

If I had it to do again I'd still choose Career Development Institute 100% without hesitation. I truly recommend this school to a lot of people who have asked me.

Wishing everyone great success on their nursing journey.

CDI Testimonial


I attended CDI in 2013 and honestly I had a good experience/memories! Nursing school, whether it's LVN or RN is NOT easy. Nursing is known for its rigorous programs, so be expected to put in hard work & dedication.
Tina was helpful when it came to the financial aid & Jennifer was always there to help when I needed to vent or was stressing out. I passed the NCLEX on my first try with 100+ questions, then found a job within a month of receiving my license. They do offer job assistance but I was able to find a job on my own. Couldn't be any happier & I have CDI to thank! 🙂

CDI Testimonial

Merril G.

“I’m very grateful for the tremendous help we received from CDI in preparation for the NCLEX!”

CDI Testimonial

Meenu A.

“If you really want to learn something, go to CDI. That’s what I tell my friends. This school pushes you to be your best. If you want to learn, they will help you understand.”

CDI Testimonial


Great program, I'd recommend to anyone that is willing to work hard for a brighter future. The instructors are selfless when it comes to the education. I passed the NCLEX on my first attempt, couldn't do it without them.

CDI Testimonial


I now know why CDI is the #1 Vocational Nursing school in California.  I passed my boards with no problem thanks to the amazing instructors and staff.  The president, DON, program coordinator, instructors and the rest of the staff at CDI actually care about each student and caters to their individual needs.  Whether you need tutoring over a topic that you just don't understand or just need a little positive energy.  I recommend CDI to everyone interested in becoming a nurse.

CDI Testimonial

Loka Z.

Proud to say that I was a student of this school. Great experience! I miss CDI family! Excellent preparation for NCLEX! Congratulations for this school again for annunciation for the Top VN program in California! I passed my Nclex in 1st attempt and I'm an LVN!!!

CDI Testimonial

Viktoria K.

My personal, honest, review.
Medical field is not easy, never was and never be. When someone choose to become nurse, doctor or any other health care professional-my suggestion, to explore more or maybe volunteer for some time to understand if is that what you really want. If yes-than this is best place to get your degree. I just finished my prerequisites.Love my instructors; Ladonne and Anny, always answer on all my questions, give great examples from life so it is more easier to understand and always there to help. There is a lot of help, extra materials bedsides the books, tutoring if you need it, library. School members want you to become successful nurse which once get her degree in CDI-so everything is possible, if you really want it.
I will update my review next term.
Thank you!

I am almost done with 2nd term. Could not tell that it was easy. All concept changed now it is only one or sometimes two days for lectures and the rest in clinical sites, which mean you really have to organize your life since you study more on your own. Reading upfront helps a lot. Be on the top of the assignments, exams and quizzes. Don't fall behind it is hard to catch up. One more time thanks to wonderful instructors. Ladonne I really don't know where else I could get so much support if not you. Ms. Workmon you are so professional- your kindness is hitting the roof. Jenifer you are so into to help everyone- always. Thank you!

CDI Testimonial

Angela L.

“I did my research because I wanted the education I deserve. A quality education is very important to me because I’m investing my time and my money. When I began researching, I looked at the schools with the highest NCLEX-PN passing rates because that was very important for my decision. I narrowed the list and did my homework. That’s when I found CDI.”

CDI Testimonial

Josh C.

“My experience at CDI was great. It was a little intimidating at first, because I did transfer from a different school and I believe that CDI had higher standards. But they welcomed me like I was part of the family as soon as I walked in through the doors.”

CDI Testimonial

Mignon C.

I have accomplished such a great Goal without Career Development Institute.  From the very start you get a positive feeling.. I passed my exits with a 98% chance that I would do well on the Nclex. The program was 18 months and it is excellent. They really prepare you for your future as a LVN. With hard work and the support of CDI I made my dream come true. Janice Jennifer Tina and Ana  are the most supportive staff and we're always there if I needed anything. They became more like family to me, I will miss them dearly.

Thank You CDI

CDI Testimonial


Career development was such an awesome experience, I definitely recommend this school to anyone interested in Nursing, the environment is so comfortable and welcoming , and all the staff and educators are so helpful and resourceful and very welcoming as well , they are 100% always in your best interest , if you want to learn and be an excellent nurse and pass your NCLEX, CDI is an excellent school ! Don't think about it twice , you won't regret it!

CDI Testimonial

Wendy G.

“CDI is the best! Anything I needed throughout the program, they were always there to help, including prepping for the NCLEX exam. I’m excited to say that I passed the exam with confidence, thanks to CDI.”

CDI Testimonial

Stephanie J.

“I had been working in the medical field for more than 20 years while putting my sons through college. Once they finished their education, it was time to turn the attention back on me and do what I wanted to do. That was nursing.”

CDI Testimonial

Manisha F.

This was an excellent nursing school, to be honest it was hard, but know that I passed the nclex and I'm working in ltc, I'm glad it was I mean shouldn't it be if we're dealing with human life, I work alongside other nurses who went to different institutions and no disrespect, it's just not the same I have received 2 raises in 6 months and most people think I've been a nurse for years, it was truly my hard work along with the school program , they have it set up so not only that you pass the nclex, but your also an awesome nurse. They really want you to succeed and give you all the tools all you have to do is apply yourself and do exactly what they tell you. I recommend this school to all my CNA co workers, and even my daughter started attending right out of high school. There are no short cuts, just apply yourself and you will make it. They offer tutoring and they are always available to give you support. Just go for it.

CDI Testimonial

Diego C.

“My favorite experience at CDI was everything. I think I had a great time there, it was hard times too but I think CDI, everything was good about it, from studying, from taking tests, from being with the students. I just felt really at home. Everything was perfect there, from the bottom of my heart it was like a family there.”

CDI Testimonial

Yodit G.

“Nursing goes along with my personality and who I am as a person. I’ve always been the nurturing one in my family and the go-to for advice, so it’s a part of who I am.”

CDI Testimonial

Nathaly B.

“I’m thankful and I appreciate all the help that I received from CDI staff. They were always there for me anytime I had a problem, like I said, with the ATI questions. I felt like I was stuck, but they helped me out a lot.”

CDI Testimonial

Regina Z.

I recently graduated from this school and was fully prepared to sit for my boards. The theory and clinical instructors are excellent and willing to help students who need a little extra attention. The content was difficult, but I knew when I was done that I had the confidence and knowledge to be successful in the nursing field. I would recommend this school to anyone who isn't afraid of hard work to achieve their goals! It can be done! Thank you, CDI!

CDI Testimonial

Raina P.

So glad I went to CDI as well as my family members. The instructors are very helpful and the way the school is organized by the DON will definitely make you pass NCLEX as long as you-- pay attention to lectures, TAKE NOTES, read the textbook/workbook and do the exercises, Saunders, and ESPECIALLY ATI.

Kim is wonderful and really cares about the students. The instructors, especially Ms Fae, taught me how to become an organized, caring competent nurse.

The school itself is smacked in a quiet neighborhood and has a homey feel to it. It's a family vibe between classmates, schoolmates, staff, and teachers; you can even bbq at the back patio area. The skills lab is bigger and has more mannequins to practice with compared to surrounding vocational schools I've visited. The clinical sites and the staff in each of them are amazing and will prepare you in the real world. From SNF to subacute, acute to medsurg/telemetry, to psych, to ICU to observing surgeries, and to maternity and peds. It's an exciting feeling and CDI will guide you through that journey.

CDI Testimonial

Carla T.

“I did my homework and visited other schools, mostly larger programs than CDI. While there are many great programs out there, I was looking for something more personable, somewhere I could receive personal one-on-one attention.”

CDI Testimonial

Fabiola M.

“My favorite experience at CDI was the clinicals. Going to each…the nursing homes and the’s really interactive, so I really liked it and the clinical instructors were all very nice. “

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