Best LVN School in California in 2017
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CDI named Best LVN School in California

It isn’t often that you get to brag, but we’re about to do just that. CDI was just named by as the number one LVN program in California for 2017. We certainly strive to provide the best attention to our students that we can to prepare them for the career that awaits them upon graduation. We’re glad to see it’s paying off in the form of their collective success.

How We Got Here

Practical Nursing evaluated the 130 state-approved LVN schools in California which includes community colleges, technical centers, private career training schools, and vocational schools. After their careful analysis of overall pass rates for the NCLEX-PN, the exam used by state boards that tests proficiency and knowledge for licensing nurses, it used that data to rank the top 50 schools. CDI had the highest pass rate amongst all of those schools, placing us at the top of the list.

We Got An “A”!

The organization took a look at data from all students who took the exam from the past five years. Based on our solid performance from that period, CDI received an overall score of 100%. This means that all of our students who have graduated from our program in the past 5 years have passed the all-important NCLEX certification. Of course, we did know that. We just didn’t know we were the only ones in the state who could make that claim.

Of course, this honorary moment isn’t lost on our leadership.

“It’s an honor and really wonderful to be recognized for our great work,” said Jennifer Zaban, CDI program coordinator.

Our president and founder, Janis K. Newton, B.S., had this to say:

“We believe that solid preparation is not only important, it’s part of our job. There are many ways we train nurses for their careers, but it has to start with their being legally allowed to practice nursing in the state of California. The NCLEX is crucial for all of them and it’s always flattering when someone else officially recognizes the job we’re doing.”

Practice, Practice, Practice…and then More Practice

NCLEX-PN review is a big part of our curriculum. We provide extensive tutoring, practice exams, and classroom time to get students ready. Our experienced staff provides hands-on guidance and direction for each student before they take the test on their own. It’s a lot of work, but we want to make sure that all of our graduating nurses enter every aspect of the post-graduate field with the confidence and knowledge they need for to make their dreams a reality.

Ready to learn more? We offer an accelerated program, financial aid, and plenty of one-on-one time with our counselors to get you working as soon as possible. Email us here or call us at 310-559-0225.

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