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Janis K. Newton, B.S.

President & Founder

Janis is the founder and president of Career Development Institute, Inc. (CDI) and is experienced in both the teaching field and administration. Janis believes in conducting her school with honesty and integrity, and providing a dedicated, well-trained effective staff. She believes in, and is committed to, life-long learning, always giving her best effort to accomplish her school’s goals. Janis received her teaching credential from the state of California in 1974 and founded CDI in 1998. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science from California State University, Northridge.


Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Nurse (Real or Fictitious)
Nurse Jackie (Edie Falco) because she’s tough, kind, and smart.

Favorite Quote
“What seems to be a setback is really an opportunity in disguise.”

Favorite Part of Working at CDI
Through the years, we’ve been able to help a lot of people. Whether it’s people looking to further their training, those who have taken nursing on a new profession- we’re able to give them the opportunity to accomplish their goals. It’s rewarding to train professionals whose career is founded on helping others.

Q & A

What inspired you to open CDI?
My background is education. I have been a credentialed teacher for more than thirty years, and also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science. I worked at Cedars-Sinai for several years as an operating room instructor, working closely with nurses.

As with life, one thing led to another. I saw the opportunity to give back to the community while also combining two of my passions– education and the medical field.

What do you think sets CDI apart from other nursing schools?
I think students resonate with the family dynamic of CDI. We pride ourselves on being a small school because it gives us the ability to know our students on a personal level. At CDI, students are not just another number– they see and work with our team throughout their time with us. It’s an open door policy here.

What advice can you give prospective students?
The best way to ensure success at our school, or any school for that matter, is to make sure your life is in balance. Make sure you’ve set your priorities before you enroll. Education is an investment into your future.

Also make sure you have a solid support system in place. If you are working, make time for school. Study outside the classroom. Set your priorities so that you are in a place to succeed. We want to see and help our students succeed in their personal and academic goals. If you don’t start on the right step and have your priorities in order, it can diminish your chances of success.

What advice do you have for current students?
Know that we are here to help you succeed. In the beginning, it can be difficult adjusting to your new schedule while also taking in large amounts of new information. We design our programs so that course material is revisited throughout. Reviewing the material helps to absorb and internalize the information.

It gets easier as you adjust and become comfortable with the material. We also provide out students with access to as much tutoring as they need. We also require our students to complete a NCLEX-PN Review Course before graduation. The month-long course covers all you have learned throughout the program. It’s one of the reasons we have a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX-PN over the last 11 quarters.

What do you enjoy most about CDI?
Through the years, we’ve been able to help a lot of people. It’s rewarding to see our students grow and develop into their potential. Whether it’s people looking to further their training or those who have taken nursing on as a new profession, we’re able to give them the opportunity to accomplish their goals.


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