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Merril G., LVN

Graduating Class: August 2012

Why did you want to become a nurse? “When my close friend was diagnosed with cancer, I helped take care of her. I helped change her treatment gauze. Helping her through that time inspired me to rethink my career.”

How did you learn about Career Development Institute, Inc. (CDI)? “I was driving by and saw the school, so I called. I met with Jennifer (Director of Education), and really liked it, so I decided to enroll.”

What was your favorite part of the VN program? “Clinical rotations! I loved meeting with the patients, getting hands-on experience. It was exciting and fun to just jump right in.”

What was your favorite thing about CDI? “The teachers and staff. The teachers were very informative and helpful. The staff was also really helpful. They were always there when we needed them.

I really recommend CDI as one of the best LVN schools out there. I’m so happy I went to CDI and that they gave me the opportunity to do the program.”

How did you feel about preparing for and passing the NCLEX-PN? “Passing the NCLEX was the best feeling in the whole world! A few days after I passed the exam, my family arranged a dinner for me to celebrate. That’s how excited I was.

Even though I felt prepared, I was nervous before the test. I remember talking to my friend, worried that I wouldn’t pass, and she kept telling me, “You’ve studied so much, you’ll pass!” Once I took the test, it stopped at 85 questions or something like that. Stopping early is a sign you’re doing really good or really bad, so for me, it was really good!”

What would you tell prospective students thinking of entering the VN program? “To me, CDI is one of the best schools there is. I’m so glad I made my choice to attend here. I always recommend it to my friends and family. There’s a lot of reading and studying, so make sure you keep up. Prepare for your tests. Study and read a lot. It’s not easy, but you can do it if you put in 100 percent.”

Do you have any advice for current students?  “I would tell all the current students, if I can do it, you can do it. I was a single parent working full-time. I had to put my time in, study and do all the reading.

Make sure you don’t fall behind. Stay focused. Study. Read. Do the assignments and work they give you.”

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