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Our mission is to help LVN students across California. Are you looking to study for the NCLEX and need some prep questions? Maybe you are outside the state and are studying to become an LPN? Look no further! These nursing questions below will test you. Are you ready to work that brain?

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1. The nurse provides home care instructions to the parents of a child hospitalized with pertussis who is in the convalescent stage and is being prepared for discharge. Which statement by a parent indicates a need for further instruction?

  1. “We need to encourage our child to drink fluids.”
  2. “Coughing spells may be triggered by dust or smoke.”
  3. “Vomitting may occur when our child has coughing episodes.”
  4. “We need to maintain droplet precautions and a quiet environment for at least 2 weeks.”

2.  The clinic nurse assess the skin of a client with a diagnosis of psoriasis.  The nurse understands that which characteristic is associated with this skin disorder?

  1. Oily skin
  2. Clean, thin nail bed
  3. Red-purplish scaly lesions
  4. Silvery-white scaly patches

3.  When assessing a lesion diagnosed as malignant melanoma, the nurse most likely expects to note which finding?

  1. An irregularly shaped lesion
  2. A small papule with a dry, rough scale
  3. A firm, nodular lesion topped with crust
  4. A pearly papule with a central crater and a waxy border

4,  An adult client was burned in an explosion.  The burn initially addicted the client’s entire face (anterior half of the head) and the upper half of the anterior torso, and there were circumferential burns to the lower half of both arms.  The client’s clothes caught on fire, and the client ran, causing subsequent burn injuries to the posterior surface of the head and the upper hand of the posterior torso.  Using the rule of nines, what would be the extent of the burn injury?

  1. 18%
  2. 24%
  3. 36%
  4. 48%

5.  The clinic nurse notes that the health care provider has documented a diagnosis of herpes zoster (shingles) in the client’s chart.  Based on an understanding of the cause of this disorder, the nurse determines that this definitive diagnosis was made by which diagnostic test?

  1. Patch test
  2. Skin biopsy
  3. Culture of the lesion
  4. Wood’s light examination


Question 1:  Answer 4

Question 2:  Answer 4

Question 3:  Answer 1

Question 4:  Answer 3

Question 5:  Answer 3

These questions come from the following publication:

Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination 6th Edition


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