CDI Student Smiling in front of School Sign

Wendy G., LVN

How was your experience at CDI? 

“CDI is the best! I received my CNA license from CDI when I was just 16. I had a very positive experience, so I came back four years later for the VN program.

Anything I needed throughout the program, they were always there to help, including prepping for the NCLEX exam. I’m excited to say that I passed the exam with confidence, thanks to CDI.  The best thing about CDI is that they are here to help 24/7. They were always available when I needed them.

I would and have recommended CDI to friends and family. I tell them that this is it, this is who helped me. Anything I needed, they were there. If I had a problem, they were there. For tutoring, for anything.

I felt amazing after passing the NCLEX-PN. It was a great accomplishment! I felt like there was no stopping me after this!  I love nursing and am so excited to work! I love being useful and being needed and able to help others.”