California LVN News: Job Site Indeed Ranks LVNs amongst 25 Highest Paid Professions

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There has been a compelling argument to make for a long time about the earning potential of LVNs in California. A lot of job data actually shows that LVNs earn more money immediately out of college than folks with a four-year bachelor’s degree. 

Because our organization, which is ranked as one of the best nursing schools in California,  is constantly introducing our nursing school graduates into new career positions, we keep very up to date with job and salary figures. However, this news even caught our eye.

According to Indeed: LVNs Included Among Top 25 Paid Professions List

COVID has caused a lot of us to do some deep soul searching. For many folks who find themselves without work, that soul searching has to include the possibility of a new job. According to a survey from the job site Indeed, “nearly one third (27%) were looking to switch fields,” due to COVID. Of course, many of those people are forced to make the job switch due to social distancing and indefinite lockdown restrictions. 

In its round up of the 25 top-paid professions, Indeed ranked LVNs at 19.

LVNs have competitive salaries and are in very high demand right now. There are also multiple news stories about how educational institutions are seeing an increased interest from students who want to join the nursing field. The pandemic, in bringing images of nurses and frontline responders to more and more people, are then driving up demand for sought after spots in nursing programs. 

LVNs Aren’t the Only Nursing Careers on the Indeed List

The list is ranked by the number of job postings per 1 million search results from July 10 to August 10, 2020 and only includes jobs that pay, on average, $50,000 or higher. The list of top-paid professions doesn’t just include LVNs. Registered Nurses (RNs) garnered the number-1 spot.

Surgical RNs and ICU RNs are also included here, which means that of the 25 most lucrative careers posted on Indeed, four of them, or 16%, are all nursing career jobs. 

Even as COVID-19 continues to destabilize many industries, all varieties of skilled healthcare workers are in demand. The Indeed survey lists dental hygienists and physical therapists. 

The country was already facing a serious nursing shortage pre-pandemic. In 2019, nursing was ranked as the third-most in-demand job. An aging population, which includes retiring baby boomer nurses, is going to have a twofold impact of a spike in aging patients and a deep reduction of available, licensed nurses. Within the next decade, about a third of nurses are expected to retire

That leaves a healthcare field with a demand for nurses and a serious lack of them. What does that mean for job seekers? For a start, the nursing shortage will lead to longer and more stable job security, signing bonuses, traveling nurse opportunities, tuition reimbursement, and more. 

How Much Do LVNs Make?

Of course, as with anything, how much you make as an LVN depends on seniority, experience, and where you live. Per the Indeed survey, the national average for an LVN salary is just over $62,000 per year. According to data from job site Zip Recruiter, the average is closer to $50,000 with a monthly salary of $4,155. 

Consider that an LVN degree only requires just over one year of instruction, however, and the career may pay back your educational investment faster than with a four year degree, including a BSN. Also, with the job shortages facing hospitals and long-term care facilities, many of those employers are helping LVNs transition to a career as an RN while they work. 

The Future is Bright for Nurses

The nursing profession is always under the spotlight during a national healthcare crisis, but it’s never seen the kind of attention or press that it’s seeing during COVID. Nurses are critical frontline workers who are doing everything they can to support patients who aren’t just suffering from the coronavirus, but also accessing preventative care and treatment for other types of illnesses.

When the pandemic first hit, CDI made a fast pivot to conduct all of our learning online. We continue to provide 100% virtual teaching, ensuring that both our staff and our students are safe and able to continue to pursue their dreams. 

Contact us today to learn more about our accelerated LVN program that you can complete right from the comfort of your own home. We’re here to help you complete your application and answer any questions you may have about our program or becoming a nurse in 2020.


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