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Earn More Money Now as an LVN

An LVN Degree Could Help You Earn More Than a Bachelor’s Degree

There’s no question that, in 2017, you need some kind of secondary education after high school to get a stable, well-paying job. For many generations, the obvious step after graduation was right into enrollment at a four-year college or university. Recent information shows that still may be the right move…for some. According to a 2015 Forbes article, college grads with a liberal arts major can expect a starting salary of $35,700 upon graduation. Which may not sound like a bad deal until you total the amount of money a four-year degree costs. Another Forbes article estimates that tuition for that degree could run upwards of $300,000. That’s a pretty steep price tag if your main goal from a degree is a career.

The Benefits of Vocational Training & LVN Salary

More and more students are looking into vocational schools instead of a four-year degree. The advantage is that you’ll get specific job training and job placement in the field, especially if you work with an accredited program. Many of these programs are also accelerated so you’ll be out of school in less than two years.

Is an LVN Degree More Valuable?

To some extent, the value of education is entirely in the eye of the beholder, or, in this case, the student. However, if you’re talking about median salaries upon graduation, the short answer is, in a word, yes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), licensed vocational or practical nurses can earn an hourly wage of $28.61 and an annual salary of $59,510. What’s more encouraging, is that the median salary for an LVN is $43,170, which is nearly $10k higher than the Forbes’ estimates for a bachelor of arts degree holder. In California, the average annual salary for an LVN is $51,870, making it one of the better opportunities for young professionals today.

How In Demand Are Nurses Overall?

Currently, in the United States, the unemployment rate for nurses is astonishingly low. If you’re a nurse practitioner, you’re so in demand, the overall jobless rate is a mere 0.9 percent. Through 2022, the availability of RN jobs could increase by 19 percent. US News and World ranked licensed vocational nurses as 69th on their top 100 jobs in 2016 and cited a slim unemployment rate of only 3.1 percent (for some perspective: that is almost two points less than the national average). The conclusion here: nursing is a stable profession, with well-paying jobs, is in very high demand, and will be in more demand into the future.

How Long Does LVN Training Take to Get an LVN Salary in Los Angeles?

If you enroll in an accelerated program, certification could take as little as 13 months of full-time instruction. During that time, you’ll be preparing for the field with lab training, clinical experience, classroom instruction, and NCLEX-PN exam prep. You may also qualify for financial aid to lessen the out of pocket expenses during your studies.

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