Myth of LVN Programs Online

The Myth of LVN Programs Online

While online education has become increasingly common and popular, online nursing programs may not be entirely appropriate for achieving the dream of becoming a licensed vocational nurse. If you’re looking to understand the difference between an accredited, accelerated program and online LVN classes, we’ve supplied some information to help you differentiate.

LVN Programs Online Often Aren’t Accredited

It’s true that you may have seen programs that offer some of their coursework remotely. However, because becoming licensed requires hours and hours of clinical work, something that simply cannot be accomplished solely through an online course. Remember: nursing is a challenging career that requires a lot of knowledge, experience, and confidence. Hands-on teaching and classroom learning is absolutely necessary to prepare yourself for the field.

Continuing Education is NOT the Same As Certification

Once you earn your LVN degree, there are follow-up online vocational nursing programs for professionals interested in becoming a registered nurse. However, enrollment in those courses is solely for candidates who are already a licensed LVN. Becoming licensed still requires enrollment at an accredited school and successfully passing the NCLEX.

The Benefits of Classrooms over Online LVN Programs

Future employers will take plenty of time to review your training, especially before you have any professional experience. Hospitals and doctors need to make sure that you’ve had plenty of in-person instruction from qualified and certified teachers within an accredited program. Students who are in the midst of completing their clinical hours require the mentorship and support of seasoned teachers and, of course, their fellow students, to ensure they’re ready for the paces and real life challenges of the healthcare industry.

In-Person Tutoring and NCLEX Preparation

Getting ready for the NCLEX licensing exam is one of the most crucial steps in a nurse’s education process. Nothing replaces the interactive experience of the classroom and the opportunity to speak directly with instructors so you pass it on the first try. Again, there aren’t any accredited online licensed vocational nursing programs in California that will adequately prepare an unlicensed student for the rigors and demands of the professional world.

Make Permanent Relationships

As you build your career, the friends and colleagues you meet in school will serve as invaluable contacts down the road. Interacting online is no substitute for face-to-face daily engagement and bonding with your fellow nursing students. Your LVN school may also be a resource for you down the road as you continue to develop professionally. Continual, live contact with job counselors builds relationships that last a lifetime.

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