5 steps below to make a seamless transition into a rewarding and expanding field
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Five Steps Towards a New Career in Nursing

Statistically, healthcare, and more specifically nursing, is a field that is constantly growing. According to a 2015 report from Forbes, the hospital sector alone gained more than 100,000 jobs in that year. If you’re ready to make a career change, or if you’ve seen a lot of postings for nursing jobs in Los Angeles, check out the steps below to make a seamless transition into a rewarding and expanding field.

1. Find An Accelerated Nursing Program

There are many nursing schools in Los Angeles that can get you licensed and working in just over a year. Accredited vocational nursing programs can lead to a new job faster, and still allow you to enroll in an LVN to RN transition program later. Take note that most programs also require entrance exams, so you may need to ask the admissions staff about what subjects you need to brush up on so you can fly through the application stage.

2. Get Hands-On Experience in School

Wherever you enroll, ensure that while you’re there, you will have plenty of opportunities to work in the field. Ask about what types of clinical rotations you have access to while you’re a student. Make sure that as soon as you graduate, you have the confidence and experience you’ll need to be ready for the fast-paced and sometimes hectic nursing profession.  LVNs are required to perform many of the same tasks and procedures as RNs, and it’s important that you are prepared to execute high-level patient care including:

  • Changing bandages and wound dressing
  • Inserting catheters
  • Administering medications
  • Monitoring and recording ongoing patient health data
  • Reading, assessing and reporting on patient vital signs
  • Assisting with testing and surgical procedures
  • Providing supervisory oversight with nursing assistants

3. Prepare for the NCLEX Exam

Part of achieving your nursing degree also includes studying and preparing for certification after graduation. The NCLEX-PN exam can be challenging, and so the curriculum should include review courses and many, many practice sessions. Onsite counseling is very important to make sure that once the time comes, you’ll have no trouble passing the first time around. Also: make sure the school has a high NCLEX pass rate as that confirms their ongoing track record with getting new nurses certified.

4. Meet with a Qualified Job Counselor

While you’re on campus, there should always be someone you can meet with to discuss your new career path as a licensed vocational nurse. Make sure your potential nursing school teaches you interview skills, helps you prepare and update your resume, and assists with job scouting at local and regional hospitals and healthcare centers.

5. Start Working

Once you’ve graduated with your new nursing degree and passed your exams, it’s time to begin your new career. There are countless types of clinical and hospital environments that will offer you a strong starting salary, gratifying patient interaction, and plenty of room for job advancement. Get ready to hone your organizational, leadership, and time management skills, all of which will be invaluable in your new job.

Read to learn more? Feel free to contact us here or by phone anytime at 310-559-0225. We’re happy to answer your questions not just about our school, but about your future as a nurse. Our staff understands that committing to an LVN school is a big step, and we’re available to give you objective advice to make sure you’re making the right decision.

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